Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microsoft OS X aka Windows Vista

Windows Vista, Microsoft's long overdue new operating system has hit the stores in Belgian. In the old days a new Windows was a big event for me. I still fondly remember the 3.1 -> Win95 and the Win98 -> XP transitions. But this time it's seems hard to be enthousiastic. After reading or hearing several reviews they all seem to offer the same conclusion : for windows users it will introduce a good operating system, but there's nothing there for a mac user that OS X doesn't already offer. The most hilarious review came from the news program Terzake, where the reviewer was showing us the new functions of Vista. While he had to admit they were handy and nice, he almost always had to add "this is something Mac OS X offers for quite a while".

So will I be getting Vista? I'm running a OS X/XP dual boot on my Macbook Pro but I don't think I'll be getting Vista unless some application absolutely forces me. The main reason for having XP is running games anyway, all serious work is done on the Mac side of things ;-)