Thursday, February 8, 2007

First lab went well


Tuesday I had my first lab session with the 1st year industrial engineering students. It was quite the education, the way of doing things is very different at a Hogeschool compared to a University. Not better or worse, just different. My partner in crime (i.e. the other TA) Paul is a great guy to work with and has helped me immensely and the students were nice enough. All in all a good experience.

The lab is your average "basic physics lab for engineering freshmen" dealing with things like determining the resonant frequency of a spring, viscosity measurements, specific heat measurements, etc... It had been a while since I'd done these things, but in the end it all came back to be.

In less exiting news, there is a stack of lab reports that await me, in urgent need of grading. Better get on it then.